I was born in Laguna Beach, CA. As a freshman at the University of Colorado, I got heavily involved into the party scene. At the same time, I was attending the Annex, a college ministry. During my downward spiral, older guys kept seeking me out and speaking truth into my life. After a mission trip during my junior year, I decided I would try to "white knuckle" christianity to see if that would work. I started opening my Bible and going to bible study. One night, I made some terrible mistakes and that next morning I woke up and realized that I needed Jesus to take over. As hard as I tried, I could not rule my life. I needed a Savior.

Once I did surrender, my desire for living my own way of life faded quickly. My senior year of college, I was on a men’s retreat called the “Big Ugly” and the college pastor, Bill Stephens stood up and challenged us in the area of discipleship. This was a defining moment for my life. I remember God speaking to me then and showing me that I would be discipling people for the rest of my life. This, in fact, is the call for all believers. My eyes were open to the great need and I saw the impact that older men had faithfully made in my life. God placed in me a burden to reach the youth of this world with the Gospel.

 I graduated in 2009 with a History degree. After two years of youth ministry internships, God started waking me up in the middle of the night with an intense burden for my hometown. A couple of months later, Church by the Sea in Laguna Beach, hired me on as their youth pastor. I have currently been in my position for five years and am now continuing my education at Talbot Seminary on the campus of Biola University. 

I have a mission to show others that Jesus is more. Jesus is better. Jesus is everything. People around us are crying out for fulfilment and are finding it in unfulfilling ways. I was given a couple of guys to faithfully shepherd my senior year and God moved so powerfully in all of us. I remember sitting there that meeting and looking around the room and realizing that when God moves, He will use those that are available and seeking His glory and fame.