a generation standing firm. like joshua. noah. samuel. nehemiah. jeremiah. ezra. elijah. paul. the acts church.

raising our voices against inequality. saving orphans. protecting mothers. eradicating poverty. loving our enemies. mobilizing to spread truth about God‘s love. loving those around us. fighting. longing. hoping. shaking foundations. resisting norms. looking upwards and outwards. always wanting more. passion overflowing for God’s heart.

as followers of jesus christ we are desperate for more of HIM. because its all for HIM. seeing God. hearing Him. stepping out. stepping up. believing. having faith that moves mountains.

a movement. a revolution. a mission. a marathon. a relationship. a faith. a love. in pursuit of something more.

to change the world. to bring heaven to earth. listening. waiting. pursuing. pursuing significance. pursuing eternity. pursuing purity. pursuing holiness. pursuing relationship with our creator. pursuing God desperately. clinging to Him.

becoming the desperation generation in pursuit of God’s will for our lives and after His heart for this world. we are the desperation generation.